What is CPA?

CPA is a voluntary, informal, and apolitical platform for those who works and used to work for any forms of civil society organizations in Cambodia. It is initiated by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) as one of the key commitments in CCC Governance Hub Program (GHP) 2017 – 2021. It will be hosted by CCC under its policies.

Specific Objectives

  • Foster social values and virtues for alumni members who employs and used to work for civil society in Cambodia through social network and protection initiatives.
  • Assist alumni members to benefit individually and collectively through maximizing the opportunities related to just business, and decent employment innovations.
  • Enhance professional development of alumni members through their peer exchange programs and join initiatives.

Benefits of CPA’s membership
  • Get membership card
  • Access to Alumni’s services
  • Access to Alumni’s members service with special discount
  • Get regular update on Alumni’s financial statement, information and services
  • Have the right to vote for Alumni’s services and Steering Committee
  • Get financial support to set up business or to manage bankruptcy
  • Get back their accumulated membership fee up to 75% once they reach to retired age.
  • Get back remaining accumulated membership fee up to 50% to their nominated successor (s), plus financial support for funeral.